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( Environmental Safety and Health | Outreach, Education and Training | Program Management | Analytics )

Analytics, Root Cause Analysis, Incident Investigation and Human Performance Optimization and Improvement Services

Energy Management and Conservation

We deliver unique and creative solutions that lead to tangible economic growth in your business, practice or organization through an innovative product called Simple Control. Simple Control is a computer-based energy saving system that monitors and controls a facility’s lighting, HVAC and water heating with real-time energy monitoring of a customized conservation strategy.

Analytics: Data...everything collected be analyzed, cross-referenced cataloged. The challenge is using data effectively. Through analytics, organizations can learn about themselves and how to interact with all stakeholders and react to any situation. We can not only help you interpret your data but define ways to compare it to relational data to detemine if there are relationships that will help you improve.

  • Predictive Analytics
  • Data Analytics
  • Market Analysis and Forecasting
  • Data Mining and Analysis


Root Cause Analysis and Incident Investigation: Street Legal is currently the exclusix provider of Root Cause Analysis (G.205) training for the Nuclear Regulatory Commission to qualifiy their inspection staff with the skills and knowledge to conduct RCA at licensee facilities across the nations nuclear power and materials complex. This course can be tailored to meet any organizations' need to develop an understanding of RCA principles and techniques

  • Root Cause Analysis services
  • Total Incident Management training:
    • Pre-incident Analysis
    • Event Response
    • Root Cause Analysis


Human Perfromance Optimization and Improvement: Every organization strives to operate at peak performance and that means that all processes must be running at optimal levels. To acheive this, you not only have to maintain your equipment but you must maintain your people. You must constently question the norm and ask "how can we do it better." There is no one better to do this than the organization itself. We will help you inbed processes to constantly improve.

  • Process Analysis and Mapping
  • Safety Culture Assessments
  • Kaizen Implementation
  • Lean Manufacturing Assessment and Implementation
  • Human Factors



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